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Children start learning to play football from a very young age in England, often beginning as early as primary school, and there's no wonder it's the nation's favourite sport.

At PCL, we regularly take school teams to away matches, providing a reliable, professional service to junior schools and seniors. 

When it comes to Sunday League football, we know how much the teams play purely for their love of the game. It's a serious business! We make sure everyone arrives at the away ground in plenty of time, fit and ready to take on the opposition.

We're no strangers to the professional clubs either and, as well as nearby Elland Road, have taken clients to matches the length and breadth of the UK, including Derby, Wembley and Old Trafford.

Whether your trip is to watch the game or to get stuck in and play, we are happy to take you safely there and back.  we also have a comfortable VW people carrier for smaller parties of up to 8 passengers, plus – the ultimate way to arrive at Wembley – our 8-str luxury limousine.