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School Attendance Reward

School Attendance Reward

Here is a great use of our limousines and we are very proud to be involved.






This school rewards its children for good school attendance, and one of the ways they do that is to treat the kids to a trip out in our limousine. We think that's a fantastic idea - what better way to get the kids to attend school every day? And as you can see from the slide show above, they really love it.

These kids should be very proud of themselves, as should their parents for embracing the importance of regular school attendance.


Here's what the school staff had to say:

 We at Hillcrest Primary School would like to say a big thank to all at PCL for making our Attendance Award prize so memorable and special. All the prize winners had an awesome time!!!!!

This top quality prize from PCL is a great incentive to all our pupils at Hillcrest Primary School from our youngest children Reception class to our oldest Year 6 pupils and members of staff too!!!!!!

This incentive each year has raised our pupil attendance standard to a high throughout the year. Winners have to achieve 100% attendance from September - July to have this luxury prize.

PCL has supported us tremendously to achieve this goal!!! Thank you so much PCL for being part of this wonderful achievement for our school and community.


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